IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids
17–20 September 2024 // Oslo, Norway

CFP - Symposium on Communication and Networking

IEEE SmartGridComm 2024
CFP - Symposium on Communication and Networking


This symposium seeks original research contributions addressing key challenges facing communication and networking technologies used for smart grid. We invite researchers and industry practitioners to submit their latest solutions developed to enhance communication reliability and meet the stringent latency, and connectivity scalability requirements to ensure seamless integration of interconnected grid elements to achieve enhanced energy optimization and management across the geographically distributed areas of the grid. 

This symposium targets research contributions that range from fundamental theoretical performance analysis results to practical system design, implementation, and testbed demonstration. Specifically, this symposium aims at analyzing and assessing the ability of existing and emerging communication and networking technologies to support the communication requirements for various smart grid applications. Contributions investigating novel communication architectures and protocols as well as communication-centric data-management technologies to support the smart grid and related cyber-physical systems applications are encouraged as well. Of particular interest are topics related to data-aided machine learning and artificial intelligence-based approaches (e.g., digital twins) to support efficient communication infrastructure operation, management, and self-configuration.  


Topics of interest include but are not limited to: 


Communication Systems

  • Physical and MAC layer protocols including beyond fifth generation (B5G), 6G and machine-type communication (MTC) wireless technologies  
  • Interference assessment and mitigation  
  • Data-aided resource management and cross-layer optimization  
  • Capacity and network planning, resource and service discovery  
  • Machine learning and AI for smart grid communications  
  • 5G  and beyond for the Smart Grid 
  • Communications and System-level standards for the Smart Grid 
  • Privacy-preserving data communication and storage
  • Blockchain for secure data communication and exchange
  • 6G Network as a sensor



  • Multi-hop communication and mesh networking  
  • Integrated Access and Backhaul networking 
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces enabling Next Generation  Networks 
  • Scalable network and system architecture (e.g.,  Home Area Network (HAN), Neighbourhood Area Network (NAN),  Field Area Network (FAN), and Business Area Network (BAN))  
  • Lightweight IP networking stacks for constrained devices  
  • Communication protocols optimized for (real-time) information collection and control applications  
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches for efficient network operation, management and self-configuration  
  • Data models and communication-aware data management solutions for IoT-based smart metering and smart grids  
  • Coexistence, convergence and interoperability mechanisms  
  • Networking standards for the Smart Grid 
  • Network security for smart grid communication
  • Networking protocols for electric vehicles connectivity to the Smart Grid


Application to Smart Energy and Cyber-Physical Systems 

  • Data models and communication-aware data management solutions for smart metering and smart grids  
  • Signal processing and coding techniques for energy-related sensor information  
  • Machine learning at the edge for smart-grid applications  
  • IoT-based digital twin for smart energy and cyber-physical systems   
  • Integration of smart meters in smart grid ICT networks; integration of electrical, gas and water meters in smart grid ICT solutions  
  • Performance evaluation of smart metering and smart grid communication solutions and results from field trials
  • Performance evaluation of electric vehicle and their supply equipment networks
  • Performance evaluation of micro/nanogrid communication networks  
  • Joint communication and control for smart energy systems  
  • Interoperability and performance evaluation of communication solutions for substation automation and control of distributed energy resources  
  • Public safety and disaster recovery in smart grid systems 
  • Behavioral network economics in smart grid systems 
  • Trust networking models for smart grid systems 


Important Dates

-Abstract Submission Date: May 8, 2024 
-Full Paper Submission Date: May 8, 2024
-Notification of Acceptance Date:
July 1, 2024
-Final Paper Submission Date:
July 22, 2024

Symposium Chairs

Soufiene Djahel, Coventry University, UK. Email:
Poul Einar Heegaard, NTNU, Norway. Email:
Chau Yuen, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Email:
Richard Yu, Carleton University, Canada. Email: 

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